What You Should Know About A Human Resources Audit

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Have you ever subjected your company to a Human Resources Audit? If you’re curious to find out what it is, read the article below. It sheds light on the topic and gives a number of things that are covered in a regular HR audit.

Human Resources Audit in Bluffton, SC

Human resource audits can give you a strategic advantage by taking an objective look at your HR policies, procedures and practices. A comprehensive review of your current practices can identify whether your practices or processes are legal and effective and identify gaps in HR practices.  You can then remedy the gaps and minimize lawsuits and regulatory violations, as well as gain competitive advantage.

An audit also helps you avoid liability arising from your HR policies and practices. It identifies issues and finds solutions to problems before it’s too late and gives you an opportunity to assess your capabilities.

HRCoastal aims to create simple solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer you our expertise and experience so you can accomplish your goals.

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The Scope of an HR Audit

HRCoastal audits your practices in the following areas:

  1. Organizational Mission and Purpose

We review how effective the HR department is in communicating the company’s mission statement and goals to the employee workforce. It is imperative that employees complete their jobs in line with the company’s goals and strategies.

  1. Human Resources Planning and Organizational Development

Planning and organizational development include forecasting, developing, and controlling to be sure that the right number and right kind of people working in your company. An HR audit will assess your HR department’s activities in relation to this.

  1. Recruitment and Selection

We also review your organization’s recruitment and selection processes to ensure that they are nondiscriminatory and that they comply with equal employment opportunity policies. Be sure that your employment advertisements, structured interview questions, and pre-employment tests are straightforward and unbiased.

  1. Compensation

Your salary practices are reviewed for compliance under applicable minimum wage laws and employee classification for nonexempt and exempt status.

  1. Benefits

We check if your employees’ benefits like insurance, vacation and holiday pays, maternity leave, pension pay, etc. are in line.

  1. Policies and procedures, and workplace rules

Policies and rules keep people at bay. This check is to ensure that your HR department is able to communicate all these things effectively to your employees so as to ensure that everyone is on the same page where policies and rules are concerned.

  1. Training and development

Training and employee development opportunities are evaluated to reveal any disparities in training methods or accessibility by employees. At a minimum, employees should be required to complete new hire orientation and mandatory training on workplace policies pertaining to fair employment practices, sexual harassment and reporting employee complaints.

  1. Employee Safety

We examine workplace safety measures and risk management practices. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces safety laws for most employers. Ensure your workplace safety logs and reporting processes are in compliance with both federal and state regulations.

  1. Employee file Review

Employee record-keeping processes should be monitored for compliance with federal and state regulations concerning what constitutes an employee personnel file. The U.S. Equal Employment Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor promulgate rules on record retention for employee files.

After the audit, you’ll get a full report of what your company is doing right, how things might be done differently, and where you need help.

HR Audit by HRCoastal

HRCoastal works with you to ensure that your company is in top form so you and your employees are striving towards the same goal in a unified manner.

Not only do we perform excellent and valuable HR audits, but we also offer other services such as HR administration, HR compliance, meeting facilitation, policies and procedures, seminars and workshops, and talent acquisition.

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