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Job Analysis

A job analysis describes the tasks and responsibilities of a position. It also specifies the job title, reporting structure, knowledge, skills, abilities necessary to be successful at the position plus the reporting structure, physical requirements, and qualifications needed. Job analyses help you make informed hiring decisions.

A job analysis is help you to develop recruiting strategies and provides information for compensation decisions.

Job analyses are important for regulatory reasons as well. They can help with Workers Compensation claims by recommending light duty work so that injured employees dan contribute to your business while they recover.

Employee Handbooks

Many business headaches and legal battles can be easily avoided when your business has an effective employee handbook. If your company doesn’t clearly define your HR policies, your organization is open to potential legal challenges.

Your employee handbook defines company guidelines, establishes regulatory compliance, explains policies, procedures, and benefits, and sets expectations about performance and conduct. It also addresses routine questions and satisfies legal and regulatory requirements.

Your employee handbook

  • Sets the tone for your company
  • Explains policies and rules that affect your company culture
  • Sets clear expectations for your employees
  • Supports your position when you terminate an employee
  • Avoids confusion and liability

A handbook can also address issues that can come up in the future. It is flexible; you can revise policies as needed. Consistent rules help manage small conflicts before they become big ones.

Employee Files

Each employee should have a file before the hire date. Most, documents relating to employment should be kept in these files. However, government regulations prohibit some documents from being included in employee files.

Certain documents should not be kept in employee files because they could lead to lawsuits or legal fines and penalties. If you use an electronic filing system, is it secure? If you’re unsure of what should be placed in an employee file or how secure the information needs to be, contact HRCoastal.

You need to make sure that all information in employee files is factual and unbiased. If you and your managers aren’t trained about what you should and shouldn’t write in the notes, your business may be at risk. Everything is an employee file is discoverable in court. Contact HRCoastal to avoid liability.


HRCoastal provides customized employment documentation to help your start-up business or turn your start-up into an established business. HRCoastal offers many employment forms, including:

  • Compliant and skill-based interview questions
  • Compliant job application
  • New hire paperwork
  • Disciplinary forms
  • Performance reviews
  • Exit surveys

With 25 years of Human Resources experience, Jennifer Minks can navigate your company’s legal requirements and assist with recruitment, onboarding, training, handbooks, employee issues, and strategy related to HR in your business.

Jennifer has minimized risk and provided strategic guidance in healthcare, professional services, and small business industries throughout her career.  She is instrumental in partnering with organizations to meet successful business outcomes and avoid costly litigation through HR expertise.

Earning her MBA with a concentration in Human Resources, Jennifer is also a member of the Lowcountry Human Resources Association (LCHRA), Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and serves as a Board of Advisor for Ashland University’s Women in Leadership program. She holds a Senior Human Resources Professional certification (SPHR).

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