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HR Recruiting and Hiring Benefits

Recruiting and hiring the right people is the most important part of Human Resources, but it is also time-consuming. Often, business owners don’t ask the right questions or ask questions they shouldn’t, which could get them into legal trouble.

HRCoastal customizes our approach to meet your recruiting needs. We identify hidden candidates who don’t answer job posts. Then we screen them and provide only the best candidates for your consideration.

We also write a set of interview questions about the knowledge, skills, abilities needed for the job, and include questions about the candidate’s work preferences and character. And we coach you on interviewing skills so that you do the right things to be effective and legally compliant.

We also provide all the forms you should have in an employee file when they first start the job, maintaining your legal compliance and develop an onboarding process so that your new employee feels like a part of the team from Day 1.

If you want an effective recruiting and hiring process, call HRCoastal at 843-258-8489.

Criminal Background Checks and Drug Tests

Hiring a person with a criminal background can cause dire consequences for your company.  A person with a history of violence or assault can place other employees, managers and even clients at risk. What if an employee gets upset and strikes another employee? Or a registered sex offender assaults a customer in her home?A person with a history of theft, fraud or embezzlement can place organizational assets at risk if items in a customer’s home are missing.

You are at risk for “negligent hiring” because you should have known about the offender’s criminal past. The cost of the background check is well worth the price you’d pay.

HRCoastal conducts criminal drug tests on a national level so that you will know any felony convictions for anyone who has lived in different states. We also complete Social Security verifications with address checks, federal sanctions search (including OFAC), a search of a validated criminal data base and base of national sex offenders, search of the Department of Corrections, and a seven-year unlimited search of single counties within the business’ state.

The criminal background check includes

  • Social Security number validation
  • Address history
  • Convictions for felonies and misdemeanors
  • Court records
  • Warrants
  • Sex offenses
  • Incarceration records

Peace of mind is the number one benefit of conducting a criminal background check. You have the comfort of knowing that you collected all the facts before you made an important decision. The best criminal background search, at the right time, could save your business.

Drug Screens

You can also conduct a drug test to protect your business. People who use alcohol or recreational drugs may still be impaired when they come to work. If they are driving on the job and have an accident, Workers Compensation will not cover the injuries, and your insurance company may not cover the comprehensive and collision costs. And when the plantiffs in the other car call a personal injury attorney, how much will the lawsuit damage your business finances and your precious reputation? By skipping the background check and drug screen, you have exposed yourself to both negligent hiring and injury lawsuits that could shut down your business.


Onboarding is the process by which new employees are assimilated into the company. It goes far beyond signing papers and a quick orientation on the first day of work.. Onboarding helps new employees understand the company’s core values and goals, know their responsibilities within the company, and introduces them to coworkers so that they get to know each other well.

Call HRCoastal for Human Resources recruiting and hiring services at 843-258-8489 for more information about criminal background checks and drug screens.

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