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HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing through HRCoastal allows owners to lead rather than work inside their business. Focus on growth - not administration. When business owners who aren’t experts perform essential HR tasks, they waste valuable time just trying to understand regulations and requirements. Using HRCoastal frees up time to grow your business. Take care of your employees. [...]

Regulatory Compliance

Employee lawsuits have increased by 400% over the last 20 years; the average claim takes 10 months to resolve with an average of $160,000 in defense settlement costs, before legal fees. Small companies are not immune, and most business owners aren’t even aware that they’ve broken the law---until fines and penalties are assessed. More than [...]

Employee Training and Development

Employee development is a strategic tool for an organization's continuing growth, productivity and ability to retain valuable employees. Small business owners today save time and money by developing the employees they have rather than recruiting for new staff. Employee training and development helps businesses: Remaining competitive. Organizations are competing for employees who want to upgrade [...]

Recruiting and Hiring

The real cost of replacing employees, besides recruitment costs, can be six months of training and lost productivity and up to one year of the departing employee’s salaries. Hiring top talent requires time and takes focus away from core business priorities. And business owners don’t always ask the right questions or ask questions they shouldn’t, [...]

Job Analyses, Handbooks, and Other Documentation

Job Analysis A job analysis describes the tasks and responsibilities of a position. It also specifies the job title, reporting structure, knowledge, skills, abilities necessary to be successful at the position plus the reporting structure, physical requirements, and qualifications needed. Job analyses help you make informed hiring decisions. A job analysis is help you to [...]

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a one-to-one service designed to build leadership skills. When leaders improve their performance, the benefits spread through the entire organization and enhance company culture. Therefore, coaching a business leader is similar to coaching the entire company. Coaching challenges you to change behaviors and to be open to change, Leadership Coaching helps you to [...]