Linda’s professionalism and dedication to the welfare of the employees has been a hallmark of excellence at AGH – it has been a pleasure to work with her.

Ian Rawson

Senior Vice President of Planning


It became obvious that our office maual regarding the duties of our staff needed to be updated.

Linda Klingman presented us with a product that was so well done that there has never been any question of our employees’ responsibilities after reading this manual.  The competency that was demonstrated by Linda in delivering this finished material to us indicates an extremely high understanding of the field of human relations that she has been involved with over the years.

I would definitely recommend Linda as she has shown a full understanding of this area.

Robert J. Neeson, DMD


I would highly recommend Linda Klingman’s leadership development program for all employees from the coordinator level to directors.  Linda did an excellent job.  She covered a lot of material, provided us with helpful articles, and demonstrated good examples of how we can work around difficult situations and come up with win/win situations.  Although we had to complete numerous assessments and in class assignments, she made the work fun and at the same time, was able to clearly demonstrate the points she wanted to make.

Chris Gneiting

Office Supervisor


Linda Klingman has always been a person I could rely upon to offer support to me in my role.  She is always willing to assist as needed; Linda is a great reference person.  During the past few years, she has conducted many sessions for the managment team which were of great benefit in preparing us for the JCAHO survey process.  She willingly adjusted her schedule to accommodate us and set time aside to listen to our presentation and offer suggestions for improvement.  This assistance helped us feel more confident, and resulted in a very successful presentation. I am immensely appreciative.

Janet Detig



Linda Klingman has been an adjunct professor for our Mountain State University campus since my arrival.  She is a consummate professional in every sense of the term.

Linda brings a combination of academc prowess and rigor, in addition to the realism of the world into the classroom.  In this age where knowledge is a critical factor establishing and maintaining a competitive edge, the ability to associate theory with ecomonic reality has become a necessity.  Linda brings that necessity to the classroom.

Rick Weil, DBA

Lead Leadership Faculty


I have had the opportunity to work with Linda Klingman in her position as Adjunct Professor in MSU’s School of Leadership Program.

Ms. Klingman’s drive for academic excellence is evident via her high expectations fo the students in her classes.  Her interpersonal communication skills are excellent.  She is organized, extremely diligent, and a person of high integrity.  Linda exhibits a comfort level handling the responsibilities of her career while thriving in her position at MSU.  Her eagerness and enthusiasm is contagious and has resulted in a positive reception by the staff and students.

Ms. Klingman possesses leadership traits that combine an understanding of policy and data with interpersonal communication skills needed to be an effective leader.

Dr. Daniel J. Matsook


Center Area School District