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I recently read an article about “high speed, low drag” employees.  You know, the high talent performers who might even know more than you do.   Many managers are afraid of them because they think that high performers threaten their job security.

What would happen if someone smarter than you worked for you?  Hmm, could be threatening.  Could make you look less adequate.  Could ask too many questions and find out how insecure you are.  Could…could…could.

That worry is short-sighted.  Enough with the negatives.  Let’s talk about what a high performer can do for your organization.

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A high performer challenges the status quo.  She asks, “Why do we do it this way?” and “Have you considered doing something else?”  It takes away your comfort zone, but she may also step up your game and suggest much needed improvements.  Because of her new way of looking at things, other employees might also step up their games and offer suggestions that they’ve shied away from mentioning earlier. B- players could become B or B+ players,  you have a more productive workforce.

The highly talented employee also takes initiative to learn new skills.  She doesn’t want to be assigned training – she has her own ideas about what she wants to learn.  You might want to save a few extra pennies in the training budget to support her quest for knowledge.  Just make sure that she shares her newfound knowledge with the rest of the team so others can share not only the learning but the excitement.

Also, the high performer has a drive for quality. She doesn’t “phone it in”.  She offers peak performance all the time.  Who knows?  It might become infectious.  What would happen if one, maybe two, then three employees demanded quality performance from themselves and others?  Everyone might step up the game.

Your company would perform better, offer exceptional customer service, increase sales, and have employees who cooperate with one another.  It could happen.  Why not give it a chance?  Support your high performers and they’ll support you.

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