Outsourcing gives you to access to immediate resources and experience that your organization doesn’t currently have. It provides you with HR expertise without having to increase staff or incur greater expenses.

We work with small businesses that generally don’t have the experience and expertise to manage the Human Resources strategy and function based on your needs. Our model works well to assist organizations with limited resources.

We don’t place temporary employees or manage payroll. Our mission is to provide more strategic Human Resources services and solutions to small businesses.

Our clients range from small start-up organization to about 50 employees. The majority of our clients have 10-40 employees, but we have worked with businesses with as few as 3 employees and up to 75. We focus on very small businesses that don’t have the funds to hire professional HR managers  but still need expert advice.

HRCoastal works almost exclusively with very small businesses of 10-30 employees, meeting their unique needs.  We provide the solutions working in global business to small employers to help them streamline their processes.

HRCoastal’s proposals are open-ended, allowing an employer to adjust to their business needs.  However, many businesses have continued their relationships and requested additional services as needed.